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8.4.2 Features

XML definition now allows to define a different dial target depending on the fkey-state, see action.
Added new setting show_clock, which removes date and time from idle screen, if disabled. (SCPP-1263)
Letter input via numpad now depends on selected language (defines which special characters to use) but may be overwritten by values of new settings chars_in_…case_on_0..9. (SCPP-528)
Added AOC via XML: aoc-d and aoc-e supported. (SCPP-1415)

8.4.2 Bugfix

Knocking sound works now (snom870). (SCPP-1468)
Suppress DMTF during call deflection (snom870). (SCPP-1459)
Empty callingDevice will use the current active line now. (SCPP-1427)
Fixed provisioning. (SCPP-1391)
Huge file uploads with watchdog enabled no longer restart the phone. (SCPP-1409)
Fixed a bug that added ghost characters behind the cursor when edited string contained several special characters (snom320).
Hebrew was not working in big font as well (snom370).
Fixed favorites title (snom870). (SCPP-1420)
Only every second OFFHOOK will change to edit number state if special idle screen is set (snom870). (SCPP-1393)
Fixed capital special character spacing. (SCPP-1436)
Language file retrieved via provisioning, wasn’t saved at flash fs anymore.
Making ONHOOK count when in virtual key state and wanting to cancel own outgoing call. (SCPP-1433)
Minibrowser text and menu rendering wasn’t working on twoline displays (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1461)
Added new setting transfer_on_hangup_non_pots to have no POTS behaviour for using transfer on hangup. (SCPP-1451)
Setting dim_timer is available for all phones except snom360 now.
The outgoing identity will be changed if an identity is removed via menu and it was selected as the current ougoing line. (SCPP-1450)
Fixed error shown on minibrowser triggered settings save. (SCPP-1456)
Fixed case if XML menu is empty. (SCPP-1464)
Fetch an URL if set in SoftkeyItem tag. (SCPP-1478)
Up-/Down key will work in minibrowser as well (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1477)
DTMF tone duration increased for easy detection (snom870).
Increased provisioning retry counter from 1 to 5.
Reregister failed if line settings were changed via provisioning. (SCPP-1462)
Don’t show anonymous if Privacy=id but P-Asserted-Identity is set. (SCPP-585)
Fixed negative expire timers after reregister and other subscription bugs. (SCPP-1430)
Added new setting sdp_version_check used for switching the DSP version check. (SCPP-1429)
No longer ignoring contact-field in subscription notifies. (SCPP-1431)
Create correct encoded proxy update URL (snom820, snom870, snomMP). (SCPP-1397)
Fixed auto-reboot on new firmware when idle state is not springboard (snom870). (SCPP-1434)
Made sure that ethernet port VLAN un-/tagging is initialized once in bootloader and stays like it during the whole system is starting up. This is important for an PC connected to the 2nd switch port (PC port) in order to not disturb the network connection during the phone starts (snom300, snom320, snom360, snom370). Is available with u-Boot version 1.1.3-v.
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