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Release Date



8.4.19 Features

Added: (snom300, snom320) Enabled feature of opening local directory record of current call. (SCPP-1897)

8.4.19 Bugfix

Fixed: (snom820, snom821) Knocking for 2nd incoming call while connected with 1st call wasn’t working properly. (SCPP-1962)
Fixed: Auto connect indication while using headset wasn’t working properly. (SCPP-1956)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) It wasn’t possible to dial the first entry when entering internal directory followed by offhook. (SCPP-1901)
Fixed: (snom370) Device wasn’t showing record indication in state conference. (SCPP-1957)
Fixed: It wasn’t possible to escape the password inquiry when user tried to abort reset values in PUI settings menu. (SCPP-1971)
Fixed: Device was accepting wrongly line key events in state calling. (SCPP-1975)
Fixed: In state transfer the phone was changing wrongly the state after posting an action URL. (SCPP-1980)
Fixed: Phone was staying forever in state calling when an outgoing INVITE receives no response at all. (SCPP-1944)
Fixed: Parsing a non XML document with minibrowser could lead to an endless loop. (SCPP-1952)
Fixed: Device wasn’t handling line state on hold correctly when the corresponding line key was pressed. (SCPP-1849)
Fixed: (snom820, snom821) While device was in state connected an incoming call was knocking instead of ringing. (SCPP-1920)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) Password editing was revealing set password. (SCPP-1930)
Fixed: Device wasn’t using full SIP URI for dialing out of call lists, when username isn’t numeric. (SCPP-1963)
Changed: (snom300, snom320) Only URI without timestamp is shown in call list, when it exceeds display width. (SCPP-1939)
Changed: Don’t use feature of opening local directory record in state holding. (SCPP-1897)
Fixed: (snomPA1, snomPA1DP) Device was losing volume setting.
Fixed: Wasn’t using rport parameter in VIA when only the port has changed. (SCPP-1987)
Fixed: (snom821, snom870, snomVision, snomMP) Software Update using HTTPS scheme was not working. (SCPP-1966)
Fixed: Device was wrongly asking for credentials during logout instead of during login process. (SCPP-1655)
Fixed: Some query strings in the web interface were missing a hidden tag. (SCPP-1831)
Fixed: The setting block_url_dialing wasn’t working while using a webUI page to dial. (SCPP-1666)
Known Issues

8.4.19 Known Issues

Stutter keys are not shown during editing the search string. (SCPP-2004): Fixed in 8.4.20
Ringer volume too loud on 8.4.18. (SCPP-1977) : will be fixed in 8.4.21
new setting Send silent RTP packets on mute not working for snom 820 (SCPP-2055)
Some query strings in the web interface are missing a hidden tag. (SCPP-1831) : Will be fixed in 8.4.21
(available workaround: Disable hidden tags)
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