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Release Date



8.4.18 Features

Added new action URL variable $nr_ongoing_calls that always contains the number of active calls. (SCPP-1919)
Reduced speaker volume steps to 7 (SCPP-1896).
Added option to send silent RTP’s on mic mute to avoid connection loss problems in certain environments.
Added support for X_000413_MethodNames. (SCPP-1824)

8.4.18 Bugfix

Fixed: (snom870, snom821) Phones experienced occasional audio loss after CWI in PSTN calls. (SCPP-1912)
Fixed: (snom3xx) Phones had poor handsfree performance. Tuned handsfree mode with new audio coefficients.
Fixed: GUI wasn’t updating caller name when was changed through sip UPDATE message. (SCPP-1925)
Fixed: Calling conference server wasn’t working for all hard keys. (SCPP-1752)
Fixed: Canceling call forward while entering target wasn’t working properly. (SCPP-1906).
Fixed: (snom300) Canceling OCS call forward was different to other phone types. (SCPP-1916)
Fixed: Reset values called out of phone GUI wasn’t working. (SCPP-1915)
Fixed: Provisioning of internal directory wasn’t working properly. (SCPP-1923)
Fixed: When redirection after timeout got enabled, sending starcode wasn’t working. (SCPP-1935)
Fixed: (snom300, snom320) Password parts became visible when backspace key was pressed during editing. (SCPP-1930)
Fixed: Wireless Enhanced Headset (EHS) wasn’t working with old adapter box anymore. (SCPP-1864)
Fixed: Missing ACK for 487 cancel after long time ringing. (SCPP-1913)
Fixed: Metaswitch special RFC3264 handling needs setting sdp_version_check under Advanced→SIP→sdp version check disabled. (SCCP-1911)
Fixed: Phone wasn’t reregistering when it was ringing in parallel. (SCPP-1938)
Fixed: Phone got confused by comments in XML dialplan. (SCPP-1784).
Changed: Filetype notation changed to X 000413 ParameterMap. Upload of param map implemented. (SCPP-1825)
Fixed: (snom8xx, snomMP) A regular software update using TFTP was sometimes aborted after 300 seconds.
Fixed: The texts regarding CLIP and CLIR at the prefs WUI page were wrong. (SCPP-1926)
Fixed: (snomMP) VLAN options ID and QOS weren’t shown at WUI page. (SCPP-1892)
Known Issues

8.4.18 Known Issues

  • Stutter keys are not shown during editing the search string. (SCPP-2004): Fixed in 8.4.20
  • Some query strings in the web interface are missing a hidden tag. (SCPP-1831) : will be fixed in 8.4.21
(available workaround: Disable hidden tags)
  • Ringer volume too loud on 8.4.18. (SCPP-1977) : will be fixed in 8.4.21
  • new setting Send silent RTP packets on mute not working for snom 820 (SCPP-2055)
  • The following settings have no effect on keytones when dialing: keytones and dtmf_speaker_phone (SCPP-1847). Workaround: In order to enable the key tones, the tone scheme must be set to one of the following values:
    • Australia
    • China
    • Denmark
    • Great Britain
    • India
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • United States
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