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8.4.17 Features

Added support for LLDP-MED (Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery).
Added support for 802.1X with eap-md5.

8.4.17 Bugfix

Fixed: It was possible to generate very short dtmf tones, now they take at least 80 ms. (SCPP-1878)
Fixed: (snom870, snom821) An initial clipping of audio happened sometimes under certain scenarios
Changed: Handling of forward all for all programable keys unified. (SCPP-1811)
Changed: Immediatly save all settings upon logoff-all. (SCPP-1889)
Changed: (snomMP) XML IF tag handling updated to fix GUI problems. (SCPP-1828)
Changed: (snom300, snom320) Also show a forwarding hint even if identity depended forwarding is active. (SCPP-1817)
Fixed: If the hold key or line key was pressed to fast the phone sometimes mixed up the call states. (SCPP-1809).
Fixed: It wasn’t possible to dial an entry in a LDAP result set using the speaker key. (SCPP-1888)
Fixed: (snom3xx) 8.4.16 introduced a bug so that expansion modules and wireless headsets weren’t working. (SCPP-1871).
Fixed: XML Minibrowser based Alert messages weren’t always shown correctly, e.g. a failed transfer didn’t show the error message. (SCPP-1788)
Fixed: It was sometimes not possible to select an entry in a list (menu) when the list had more than 9 entries. (SCPP-1891)
Fixed: (snom8XX) Intercom wasn’t working properly when the idle screen was set to or showing the virtual keys. (SCPP-1832)
Fixed: It wasn’t possible to choose a number from the directory/LDAP out of the pool for transfer. (SCPP-1169)
Fixed: Auto dial wasn’t working when an entry of an LDAP result set was selected.
Fixed: A "value=" somewhere in one of the settings lead to a read error under certain scenarios.
Fixed: Close call on missing ACK for final invite response. (SCPP-1819)
Fixed: Inhibiting rapid hold/unholds combinations to send 2nd invite before 1st one was answered. (SCPP-1809)
Fixed: VQReports weren’t always send directly to the collector. (SCPP-1884)
Fixed: Phone did’nt evaluate all call-info headers. (SCPP-1359)
Fixed: Received settings weren’t saved to the flash immediately.
Changed: Handle pending informs to avoid multiple sessions. (SCPP-1827)
Changed: The ID of the upload envelope is no longer set statically to 100. (SCPP-1827)
Changed: The Action URL receiving Attended Transfer was renamed to received SIP INVITE to reflect its true meaning. (SCPP-1749)
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