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8.4.1 Features

Added starting of Multicast Paging without PBX. Can be selected per fkey at the fkey webUI page. (SCPP-208)
Fixed audio reception when using OCS conferencing. (snom820)
Fixed casing speaker click sound whenever it was turned on. No more click (snom870). (SCPP-1376)
Allow to mute the ringing of an incoming call with the mute key or a mute function key. (SCPP-937)
Added identity parameter to the dialplan XML which allows to route numbers to a particular identity no matter which identity is currently selected. (SCPP-195, SCPP-1244)
Added multi-numbered directory entries and favorites directory (snom360, snom370, snom820), just like snom870. But snom360 and snom370 don’t store photos though.
Master-entries in internal directory may now define a nick-name.
Added new attribute number-type.
Provisioned tbooks entries now replace old records by the same index. If you don’t want this, do not provision an index. (SCPP-940)
Provisioned tbooks may now entirely replace current tbook (instead of just adding to it), just set attribute "complete" of the tbook-tree to "true". (SCPP-940)
Speed dial now accepts a DTMF sequence that is played once the call has been established. (part of SCPP-194)
Pressing a speed dial function key with argument "number=incomplete" shows the number on the display for further editing rather then dialing it. (part of SCPP-194)
Added umlaut support. Can be used for better LDAP-search requests, but umlauts may now be used anywhere where you can enter a text (snom360, snom370, snom820, snom870, snomMP).
XML idle screen on snom370 can now define the statusbar position just like snom360 and snom820.
Now displaying used codec and SRTP (for secure connections) when one presses the message button during a call (snom820). (SCPP-300)
Now displaying codec used and SRTP (for secure connections) in party-details (snomMP). (SCPP-300)
Codec info on ?-key is now integrated into the GUI instead of destroying its design (snom370). (SCPP-300)
Added 5 party conference (snom820). (SCPP-852)
Increased usability of touch-interface by not mistaking slightly differing touch vs. release coordinates for Drag’nDrop. Assuming Press at initial coordinates instead (snom870).
Increased speed when rendering idle XML’s with lots of clock-images (snom820, snom870).
Password challenge will disappear automatically when identity registers successfully (eg. if password was provided via webUI). (SCPP-1339)
Saving (to restore after a reboot) the latest 5 call records of each: missed, received and dialed.
Setting menu is now defined by an XML file and processed by minibrowser. (SCPP-1293)
Two action-urls can be configured, for press and release of the key, respectively. (SCPP-1122)
Via the new setting user_admin_mode, you can hide users privacy (call lists, directory) from the administrator. (SCPP-1326)
Added setting ignore_missed_calls_on_busy that inhibits the phone to add an incoming call to the missed calls if the user is in dialing state and denies an incoming call.
Added setting to enable the ringtone while other calls are on hold. (SCPP-201)
Allow to edit numbers from the call histories before calling them. (SCPP-921)
Added new way of provisioning fkeys to represent subscribtion-notifies (see wiki?fkey).
Added pin control functionality for the door phone through OB DTMF. Also added light blinking on voice activity for the door phone (snomPA1-DP).
Added new setting ignore_dhcp_findings allowing to ignore certain DHCP findings. (SCPP-1179)
Cut provisioning retry counter from 20 down to 1.
Activate reading of presence states from XML file. (SCPP-1078)
New upload types gui_xml_state_conference, gui_xml_state_details, gui_xml_state_holding, gui_xml_state_settings, gui_xml_addperson added to be able to provision XML-GUI files.
Removed global ringer setting ring_sound which is redundant and confusing as the ringer is taken from the line dependent setting user_ringer. (SCPP-1318)
Added support for NTLM V2 authentication, new setting use_NTLMv2 can be used to disable NTLM V2 authentication, but is enabled by default.
New setting suppress_sip_messages suppresses processing of SIP MESSAGE but replies with 200 OK if enabled.
Increased speed on reading XML-files.
If set, use the hostname of the phone as the title for the web user interface pages. (SCPP-1366)
Added new action URL which is triggered when a phone receives an attended transfer. (SCPP-1037)
Added timezone for United Arab Emirates (Dubai). (SCPP-353)
Allowed to enter the new XML-describtion of fkeys via web interface as well.
Values in drop-down combo-boxes for fkey-types and key-events are now sorted alphabetically as well.
Left menu in the snom web UI is now configurable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings leftnav_hidden_user and leftnav_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
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