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8.4.1 Bugfix

Audio tuning for better quality (snom870).
If setting offhook_dial_prompt is off, speaker key is fixed in idle mode after off-/onhook. (SCPP-1371)
Fixed headset from ringing only once per incoming call to now every 3 seconds. (SCPP-416).
Going OFFHOOK with wireless headset will use preselection like handset. (SCPP-248)
Fixed Multicast feature (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-1075)
Added new setting mc_output_device to play PA media via speaker or headset. (SCPP-1264)
Switch to speaker after ONHOOK in states edit number or connected. (SCPP-988)
Fixed Auto Answer Indication (snomMP). (SCPP-1026)
Fixed multicast streaming (snomMP). (SCPP-1185)
Restore original media stream if REFER initiated INVITE failed. (SCPP-1288)
Fixed phone ringer silence on subsequent calls after using a non G.711 codec in a call (snom3xx).
Fixed OCS conference audio distortion (snom820). (SCPP-1373)
Fixed fluctuating ringer volume (snom870). (SCPP-1385)
DTMF send improvements (snomMP). (SCPP-1273)
When going to idle state, ONHOOK command is now send to headset as well. (SCPP-432)
Added WIFI ethernet bridge, use your phone as a wifi client ethernet bridge (snom820, snom870).
Wifi Bridge feature is disabled by default to avoid unexpected interconnection between a different wired network and a wifi network.
CSTA Response had an invalid syntax and generated warnings in XML DOM Parser. (SCPP-1370)
DFKS Ring Count was limited to 21 as the broadsoft server refuses higher values. The limit is now only considered if broadsoft server type support is selected.
Fixed handling of huge and infinitive lease times. (SCPP-1173)
Apply dial plan when dialing missed or received records that only consist out of an URL (without display name). (SCPP-1284)
Retry DNS resolving several times also during provisioning. (SCPP-1316)
DTMF keytones while dialing were not working on snom8xx. Now they are working at least in handsfree mode. Currently, we cannot support playing them in speaker mode as well (SCPP-1159).
VOLUME down key interfered with a 1633 Hz DTMF tone.
Fixed inband DTMF (snom820). (SCPP-928)
Conference button was not correctly toggling conference on and off. (SCPP-1352)
Don’t cover wrong time and date anymore when NTP failed. Show system time in every case. (SCPP-1380)
Softkey transfer has same behaviour as transfer key. (SCPP-1394)
Added missing call release notification when a call had been terminated. Now release_sound distinguishes between on, off and off_when_terminating_calls. Replaced radio button with drop down on the webUI. (SCPP-1006)
Don’t dial last LDAP result if number has changed and no LDAP result was found (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1120)
Fixed sticky photo bug (snom370). (SCPP-286)
Keys that used to work in idle state now work the same way in idle replacement state (snom870). (SCPP-1374)
On block_url_dialing enabled edit-mode button needs to be disabled (snom870).
Traitening edit modes: default numeric for dialing numbers and alpha for LDAP (snom870).
Removed memory leak when loading remote images (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-839)
Fixed transparency handling for idle-xml images (snom820, snom870).
Virtual key state now correctly colors keys defined as buttons (activity and pickup color) (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-804)
Virtual key state and 820-side-screen now use received labels for those keys defined as buttons (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-804)
Accept dial softkey even if the dial list has more then one entry. (SCPP-1390)
Accept incoming calls with line keys in state conference. (SCPP-1131)
Accept transfer key in state transfer. (SCPP-798)
Add URI to calling lists even if registrar contains parameter. (SCPP-1039)
After attended transfer display shows connected state instead of on hold state. (SCPP-1272)
Call forwarding set for a local identity will work with Asterisk now. (SCPP-1278)
Changed timezone for Korea from +8 to +9. (SCPP-1260)
Clean paint area for title (snom370). (SCPP-1191)
Close call stats dialog if call is incoming. No call stats shown in state conference. (SCPP-1105)
Configured function keys work now in every state, if not setup as Key Event. (SCPP-931)
Deletion of single sub-numbers of multi-number tbook record now possible. (SCPP-1192)
Don’t handle key event LOGOFF_ALL if a line is connected or on hold. (SCPP-1203)
Don’t process backspace if edit type is enum (sort options). (SCPP-1251)
Don’t send ring command if phone is already ringing. Even if there are more then one incoming calls. (SCPP-972)
Edit state fixed. Scrolling to left is possible now (snom320). (SCPP-1267)
Exit minibrowser when XML contains nothing useful to display. (SCPP-892)
Format date depends on length of the year (09 or 2009). (SCPP-1287)
Function Key LED’s did not work correctly with multiple Forward destinations. (SCPP-1348)
Handle the programmable keys in state settings as well. (SCPP-293)
Handle transfer hard key in state calling as well. (SCPP-1237)
Help page pointing to webUI now uses correct URL scheme and adds even the port if it differs from 80 (SCPP-1305).
When keyboard lock is on, reset number if a digit is entered that do not match to any emergeny number. (SCPP-1253)
When setting contrast via dummy webUI page, the contrast was not applied to the display. (SCPP-1377)
Indicate new voice-message via message-LED even during calls.
Long numbers fit now into display (snom360). (SCPP-843)
Navikeys actived for selecting entry out of LDAP search results in state edit numbers (snomMP). (SCPP-1145)
Digit input in idle state fixed. It’s possible to enter numbers or select an entry out of the add-menu with speeddial (snomMP). (SCPP-1216)
MWI changes to normal dialtone independently of GUI state. (SCPP-510)
Made directory details for call partner accessible in ringing and calling screens (press directory button). (SCPP-1310)
New handling for incoming calls during conference (snomMP). (SCPP-753)
Added new setting transfer_on_hangup_with_starcode to allow transfering calls on hangup if one call was picked up with PBX starcode. (SCPP-906)
Added new setting dialnumber_us_format to switch off the U.S. dialnumber format. (SCPP-620)
No blinking status line if MWI is on (mailbox message received). State MWI is now matching snomMP style. (SCPP-1027)
OCS: Contact list groups could not be switched (snomMP).(SCPP-1035)
Playing ringer on login page fixed. (SCPP-1386)
Fixed playing "Internal Ringer" set by preferences webpage if alert-info is set. (SCPP-1058)
Fixed playing ringer of current line from webUI. (SCPP-1019)
Pressing CANCEL key during number guessing will display the current input (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1338)
Pressing Record+Voice key in conference state terminates the recording line. (SCPP-1220)
Changed CANCEL key behaviour when user is asked whether he wants to use DHCP or not. Instead of switching DHCP off, the user is jumping back to the main settings menu. (SCPP-1181)
Refresh display after changing setting "Text Only Display on Soft Keys". (SCPP-1301)
Refresh fkeys in idle XML screen. (SCPP-1280)
Refresh idle screen if idle XML url has changed. (SCPP-936)
Reset fkey setting for removed identity. (SCPP-442)
Send busy if CWI is off but not generally, if phone is in state conference. (SCPP-1276)
Setting Use Speaker Key to Receive Calls is valid for headset key too now. (SCPP-1154)
Show holding or held-by members in conference. (SCPP-1103)
Show call duration time (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1138)
Corrected on screen positioning of SMS messages. (SCPP-557)
Show cursor in LDAP only during editing search string. (SCPP-670)
Transfer in state conference handled like in state connected. (SCPP-872)
Use solid background for softkeys if setting "Text Only Display on Soft Keys" is enabled. (SCPP-871)
Virtual key name lookup is working with full URIs. (SCPP-1094)
Added dimming timer (snom820). (SCPP-332)
OCS states now available for fkeys (in virtual key-view and 820 side screen). (SCPP-1177)
Phone crashed when one tries to pick up a second call with the speaker button.
Text scrolling wasn’t working properly (snom370). (SCPP-1060)
Not accepting content that is so huge that it could crash the phone. (SCPP-891)
Solved cold boot/hang problem for snom3xx series. Cold boot may last now up to 4 minutes (worst case).
Only subscribe to those keys, that are available (ignore subscriptions for keys on extension keypads that are not plugged in). (SCPP-716)
Fixing first-digit LDAP lookup. (SCPP-1041)
If no LDAP result entry was selected and dialing is started, phone shows enter number prompt. (SCPP-1306)
Fixed indexing of buttons. (SCPP-804)
Improved performance on high network load. (SCPP-1228)
BYE is now encrypted if in SRTCP. Also fixed BYE length. (SCPP-1333)
Fixed RTCP in conference mode (including SRTCP). (SCPP-1311)
If the provisioning location was specified without scheme, skip the generated HTTP urls if one of the generated TFTP urls were successful. (SCPP-1008)
It is not possible anymore to provision the setting firmware_version. (SCPP-845)
Make reregister after check-sync if necessary. (SCPP-985)
Removed G.723 codec from default initialization (snom820 OCS edition).
Made sure that the setting value of ntp_refresh_timer is set between 60 seconds and max signed int, which is around 9 hours.
Setting time_24_format defaults to on now. (SCPP-1343)
Inband DTMF to IVR failed (snom820). (SCPP-1150)
Apply dialplan on received/missed calls. (SCPP-141)
Switch to edit number state if we got a 484 INCOMPLETE during overlap dialing. (SCPP-950)
Added hold inactive/sendonly option. (SCPP-812)
Added optional Outbound support. (SCPP-1079)
SDP Session-Attribute "a=" was not handled.
Device Feature Key Sync did not correctly handle Forward Events.
Discard 401 challenge to REGISTER if call id is unknown.
Do not get any stats for connections without RTP stream, e.g. MoH delivery. (SCPP-1357)
Filter invalid packets no matter if they have a known Call-ID or not. (SCPP-1368)
Fixing crash when unholding a party which we had connected to a MOH-Server. (SCPP-1350)
Incorrect time stamp was causing NTLM V2 authentication to fail on older servers.
OCS: Limit number of presence subscriptions to those displayed or on a key.
OCS: Presence subscription was not refreshed when contact list changed.
OCS: Don’t make the STUN address the default when the server indicates the client is remote.
OCS: Don’t send any SUBSCRIBE or SERVICE requests while NTLM negotiation is in progress.
OCS: ICE negotiation blocks early media. (SCPP-1016)
OCS: Stale SA causes phone to lose registration. (SCPP-1160)
OCS: When an local relay ICE candidate becomes "received valid" activate it only after connectivity check completes.
OCS: Reregister as soon as SA expires.
OCS: Reset the TCP connection when the SA expires and reregister immediately.
RE diaplan: Back reference to non-existing group "from" sometimes produced junk because captured groups were not cleared.
Send another ACK if we receive a second 2xx. (SCPP-832)
Unregister sets unregistered identity to inactive. (SCPP-599)
As-feature-event re-subcriptions sometimes had a non-empty body.
Fixed handling of ringing/knocking call if all conference members hook on. (SCPP-552)
Fixed missing Eventlist Resubscribe on Notify indicating Subscription Terminated from Broadsoft. (SCPP-601)
Fixed session timer refresh with SIP Update method. (SCPP-1219)
Message retrieve was not properly working with 3CX. (SCPP-1307)
On register responses select own contact with the help of optional instance ids. (SCPP-1247)
Fixed hanging when SDP contains g.726 codec (snomMP). (SCPP-1356)
Update called party id depending on P-Asserted-Identity header on SIP responses. (SCPP-1189)
Use display name of P-Asserted-Identity header uri’s on SIP responses. (SCPP-1189)
Use only first Register Response and ignore follow up responses. (SCPP-1134)
When an INVITE had been send out and a connection was established before (e.g. start hold) the DTMF payload type was used from the old connection. Now, the payload type is taken from the settings.
TFTP client supports now subdirectories. (SCPP-477)
The webclient re-initiates an handshake when handling a challenge. It will never try to reuse an existing connection anymore.
Action GetParameterValues on Device. failed (snom300).
Switched based port tagging was not working (snom820). (SCPP-1148)
Fixed (snom870, snomMP).
Fixed crash on denying incoming call. (SCPP-163)
Web page Trusted Certificates removed. Was obsolete anyway. (SCPP-1129)
Key event retrieve can be set to fkey now (snom300). (SCPP-1221)
Don’t ask for password during logout. (SCPP-1277)
Fixed switching between drop-down combo-box and plain text-field for pkeys (snom8xx).
Some early log messages were missing, as the loglevel was set to late.
Some setting changes were effecting other settings even though they were not been changed by the user. (SCPP-1123)
Fixed showing pictures from persons that have special characters in their name. (SCPP-1334)
Now setable again via webpage (was lost): "keyevent" (SCPP-1266)
Synchronization now ignores obvious dummy sip numbers. (SCPP-1388)
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