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8.2.7 Features

  • Added support for version 6 audio coefficients (snom3xx). Selecting the new room type "v6" leads to same volume behaviour as in version 6 releaeses. (SCPP-889)
  • Added support for options 132 vlan_id (802.1q) and 133 vlan_qos (802.1p). They can even be tunneled via option 43. (SCPP-859)
  • Added OCS support for presence key. (SCPP-641)
  • Minibrowser can now be invoked using HTTP. (SCPP-238)
  • Minibrowser pages can now trigger LEDs. (SCPP-240)
  • Text prediction based search on LDAP directory. (SCPP-409)
  • Transfer on onhook is now available for blind transfer, too. (SCPP-810)
  • Added additional STUN requests (RTPv0) in the beginning of a call for server type Teles. (SCPP-671)
  • Added OID to show CPU load average of last 1min., 5min. and 15min.
  • Added OID to show used, free, cached, lid (phone lowlevel app.) and lcs (phone highlevel app.) memory usage.
  • Added OID to show application uptime.
  • Added OID to show the number of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Added OID to show the number of open connections.
  • Added OID to show the number of timeouts running.
  • Added OID to show the number of active subscriptions.
  • OCS: The User-Agent header now includes information whether the software type is OCS or not.
  • Added intermediate certificate phone2 that signs the phone certificate. The SSL certificate message encapsulates both certificates.
  • Added support of keys up to 4096 bits in size (client and server side).
  • One can upload and replace files in bmp (snom370-VPN, snom820) and html (snom370-VPN, snom820, snomMP) directories. (SCPP-873)
  • Removed second pair of HTTP user/pwd credentials for standard user. adminmode/admin_mode_pass is enough.(SCPP-679)
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