Firmware/V8/Release Notes/8.2.6

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8.2.6 beta


8.2.6 Features

No new features

8.2.6 Bugfix

  • Fixed G.729 distorted audio and one way audio problems (snom3x0).
  • Decreasing Volume during call does not generate a sound anymore (snom820). (SCPP-752)
  • Clear area of status line for XML idle screen at given position else at default position (snom360, snom370). (SCPP-815)
  • Set edit mode to numeric for editing numbers if no text to be edited is already set. (SCPP-746)
  • Don't save passwords in exported settings files. Accept empty admin password after reading setting file. (SCPP-823)
  • Could not take call off hold when Shared Line is active identity. (SCPP-445)
  • Don't set mute after deflection to off. If deflection feature is disabled, transfer key does nothing. (SCPP-825)
  • Function "Play ringer remotely" was playing the ringer of identity X, but not the ringer X. (SCPP-811)
  • Stale 401 should be ignored. (SCPP-708)
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