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8.2.5 Bugfix

  • Timezone setting: UP/Down key selects next timezone. Right/left key selects the next timezone group (one hour +/-) (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-781)
  • Don't scroll to next identity if an other than the current one was removed. (SCPP-816)
  • Enable audio device change from speaker to headset in holding state (snom300). (SCPP-674)
  • Authorization headers were appended endlessly to REGISTER messages when authorization scheme was not NTLM. (SCPP-783 rework)
  • Scroll to next identity if current identity was removed or show logon wizard if all identities were removed. (SCPP-621)
  • Aborting transfer if phone goes onhook. Send Re-INVITE and switch audio to speaker. (SCPP-667)
  • Call deflection was not working when destination was taken from a list such as dialed number or contacts. (SCPP-797)
  • Fixed G.726 bad audio quality. Added the RFC3551 byte packing order for G.726 codec (new line setting user_g726_packing_order). (SCPP-785)
  • 400 class response to a REFER was not handled. (SCPP-792)
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