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Added new setting auto_connect_indication_tone for customer defined values. (SCPP-1517)
Fixed inband DTMF (snomMP). (SCPP-1445)
Fixed RTP packet transmit counting. (SCPP-1337)
If phone is offhook audio device is handset after connection.
Action URL must set the CSTA id in case of clearing a line. (SCPP-1488)
Disabled Flexor security token. Web authentication is used for CSTA as well. (SCPP-1559)
Fixed showing rx/tx packets during call enabled by pressing '?' key (snom370). (SCPP-1473)
Abort (long pressed CANCEL) possible if phone asks for DHCP or IP-address. (SCPP-1586)
Pressing CANCEL (->F_ABORT) for a couple of seconds, will show system info out of initial GUI wizard menu. (SCPP-1652)
Call lists setup will be done with correct parameters. (SCPP-1612)
Clear display before displaying call stats (snom360). (SCPP-1473)
Enabled BLF and SPEED key behaviour even if second call comes in, when setting 'redirect_ringing' is 'off'. (SCPP-1503)
Fire action URL 'log off/on' for every un-/register. New action variables added: 'context_url' and 'reregister'. (SCPP-1539)
Fixed: Retry Setting server with HTTP instead of HTTPS.
Added new setting 'logoff_all_no_confirm' to disable logoff all confirmation dialog. (SCPP-1384)
Outgoing id and active line will be set to a valid value if the current value is obsolete. (SCPP-1702)
Preselection fixed after sorting listbox entries (Preferences) (snom360). (SCPP-1481)
Pressing a line key leaves the conference now. (SCPP-1571)
Redirect for one identity but more than one target is possible now. (SCPP-1502)
Port used in URLs matches the scheme now (http :80, https :443). (SCPP-1551)
Setting 'disable_speaker' works now. If setting is 'enabled' handset will be used for audio. (SCPP-1628)
Show incoming call identity on display (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1568)
Show mute icon in state conference (snom370). (SCPP-1482)
Softkey handling fixed (snomMP). (SCPP-1637)
Don't allow pressing softkeys if keyboard is locked (snom370, snom8xx). (SCPP-1487)
Transfer (deflection) is allowed even if keyboard is locked. (SCPP-1487)
Transfer on hangup is also done now by pressing onhook button of wireless headset. (SCPP-1472)
Fixed phone freeze on invalid button index from LED control. (SCPP-1675)
Incoming call query is done now even if number begins with country code. (SCPP-1547)
Query only when letter is entered completely. (SCPP-1454)
Fixed one way audio in a conference (snomMP OCS only). (SCPP-1536)
Copy defaults.xml onto config.xml during factory reset. (SCPP-1709)
Close referred call after 200 OK Notify instead of 180 Ringing Notify in specific setup. (SCPP-1519)
Correct handling of rport param in VIA header. (SCPP-1398)
While sending feature codes (DND), calls got stuck. (SCPP-1573)
OPTIONS are accepted in a call now as well. (SCPP-1624)
MOH call wasn't terminated after usage. (SCPP-1538)
Trust secure localhost connections by default.
Fixed URL parsing. (SCPP-1518)
VPN files were not properly moved when an update has been uploaded via the WUI.
Fixed WUI access without credentials. (SCPP-1590)
Some options on preferences WUI page were missing. (snom820)
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