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8.2.25 features

XML definition now allows to define a different dial target depending on the fkey-state, see this article.
Added new setting show_clock, which removes date and time from idle screen, if disabled. (SCPP-1263)
Timezone setup wizard now starts out with reduced list of timezones that match the choosen language (snom360, snom820, snomMP).
Letter input via numpad now depends on selected language (defines which special characters to use) but may be overwritten by values of new settings chars_in_…case_on_0..9. (SCPP-528)
Password challenge will disappear automatically when identity registers successfully (eg. if password was provided via WUI). (SCPP-1339)
If set, use the hostname of the phone as the title for the web user interface pages. (SCPP-1366)
Added new action URL which is triggered when a phone receives an attended transfer. (SCPP-1037)
Synchronization now ignores obvious dummy SIP numbers. (SCPP-1388)
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