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8.2.23 Bugfix

  • Added setting mc_output_device to play PA media via speaker or headset. (SCPP-1264)
  • Restore original media stream if REFER initiated INVITE failed. (SCPP-1288)
  • Exit minibrowser when XML contains nothing usefull to display. (SCPP-892)
  • Made directory details of call partner accessible in ringing and calling screens (press directory button). (SCPP-1310)
  • Refresh display after changing setting Text Only Display on Soft Keys. (SCPP-1301)
  • Refresh fkeys in idle XML screen. (SCPP-1280)
  • Subscribe to those keys only, that are available. Ignore subscriptions for keys on extension keypads that are not plugged in. (SCPP-716)
  • Fixing first-digit LDAP lookup bug (SCPP-1041).
  • If no LDAP result entry was selected and dialing is started, phone shows enter number prompt. (SCPP-1306)
  • Removed global ringer setting ring_sound which is redundant and confusing as the ringer is taken from the line dependent setting user_ringer. (SCPP-1318)
  • Discard 401 challenge to REGISTER if call id is unknown.
  • Fixed handling of ringing/knocking call if all conference members hooked on. (SCPP-552)
  • Message retrieve was not properly working with 3CX. (SCPP-1307)
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