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8.2.22 Bugfix

  • OCS: Fixed audio reception when using conferencing (snom820).
  • DTMF send improvements (snomMP). (SCPP-1273)
  • Apply dialplan when dialing missed or received records that only consist out of an URL (without display name). (SCPP-1284)
  • Fixed transparency handling for idle XML images (snom820).
  • After attended transfer, display shows state connected and no longer state onhold. (SCPP-1272)
  • Call forwarding set for a local identity will work with Asterisk now. (SCPP-1278)
  • Edit enums fixed. Scrolling to left is possible now (snom320). (SCPP-1267)
  • If keyboard lock is on, reset already typed in number if a digit is entered that do not match any emergeny number. (SCPP-1253)
  • Send busy when CWI is off, but not in general if phone is in state conference. (SCPP-1276)
  • Fixed feature of saving latest call records to flash: when list was full, new records were not saved. Bug resulted in only saving the oldest records.
  • Fixed fkeys provisioning via xml-subtrees which did not send out subscribtions.
  • Fixing how number guessing handles directory search (was still version 7 style that didn’t know of new directory attributes and multi-number records).
  • Fixed proper random seed generation (snom820, snomMP).
  • OCS: Presence subscription was not refreshed when contact list changed.
  • Fixed RE dialplan: Back reference to non-existing group may have produced junk, because previously captured groups were not cleared properly.
  • When an INVITE had been send out and a connection was established before (e.g. start hold) the DTMF payload type was used from the old connection. Now, the payload type is taken from the settings.
  • Allow to enter numbers with + via web UI.
  • Fixed synchronization with XCAP server.
  • Don’t ask for password during logout. (SCPP-1277)
  • Fixed switching between dropdown combobox and plain text field for pkeys (snom820).
  • Some early log messages were missing, as the loglevel was set too late.
  • An keyevent like can be set up again via web UI. (SCPP-1266)
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