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8.2.21 Bugfix

  • DTMF keytones while dialing were not working. Now they are working in handset mode. Currently, we cannot support playing them in speaker mode as well (snom820). (SCPP-1159)
  • Virtual key state now correctly colors keys defined as buttons (activity and pickup color) (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Changed timezone for Korea from +8 to +9. (SCPP-1260)
  • Don’t process backspace if edit type is enum (sort options). (SCPP-1251)
  • Handle transfer hard key in state calling. (SCPP-1237)
  • Show holding or held-by members in conference. (SCPP-1103)
  • Show correct positioned SMS message on screen. (SCPP-557)
  • Call-Pick Up was not properly working. (SCPP-1238)
  • Saved more than 50% of parsing time by using new XML parser features.
  • Fixed indexing of buttons. (SCPP-804)
  • Improved performance due to avoiding unused messages. (SCPP-1227)
  • Write empty passwords instead of stars as password setting value. (SCPP-463)
  • Fixed session timer refresh with SIP Update method. (SCPP-1219)
  • On register responses select own contact with the help of optional instance id’s. (SCPP-1247)
  • Use display name of P-Asserted-Identity header uri’s on SIP responses. (SCPP-1189)
  • OCS: ICE negotiation blocked early media. (SCPP-1016)
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