Firmware/V8/Release Notes/8.2.20

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8.2.20 beta


8.2.20 Features

  • Pressing a speed dial function key with argument number=incomplete shows the number on the display for further editing rather then dialing it. (SCPP-194)
  • Speed dial now accepts a DTMF sequence that is played once the call has been established. (SCPP-194)
  • A provisioned directory may now entirely replace the current directory instead of just adding to it. Just set attribute complete of the directory-tree to true. (SCPP-940)
  • Provisioned directory entries may now replace old records with the same index. If you don’t want this, don’t provision an index. (SCPP-940)

8.2.20 Bugfix

  • Conferencing was unusable.
  • Call recording enabled again.
  • Fixed sticky photo bug (snom370). (SCPP-286)
  • Refresh XML idle screen when XML url has changed. (SCPP-936)
  • Delete related fkey settings of removed identity as well. (SCPP-442)
  • Going off hook with wireless headset will now take setting preselection_nr into account as well, like handset already does. (SCPP-248)
  • Setting up WIFI credentials was not working properly (snom820).
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