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8.2.2 Features

  • Securing communiction with random message id. New CSTA messages for set and get settings, xml push and firewall test. (SCPP-648)
  • Added option for very fast LED blink rate on ringing (new setting blink_very_fast).
  • Added keyboard lock after timeout (new setting keyboard_lock_timeout). (SCPP-676)
  • Enhanced language support for Portugues and Hebrew.
  • Added language support for Estonian and Hungarian.
  • On challenged web client requests, user gets asked for username and password at the display. This may be used to login a phone user. (SCPP-699)
  • Phone can now upload files into tmpfs and replay them as MOH. (SCPP-696)
  • Parameters like "$ip_addr" as part of the URL stored in for example setting_server are replaced with it's values before the URL is used for provisioning requests. This is the same syntax like for the Action URLs. (SCPP-698)
  • Show login page after logout. (SCPP-678)
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