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8.2.19 Bugfix

  • Fixed Auto Answer Indication (snomMP). (SCPP-1026)
  • Fixed listening to multicast streaming (snomMP). (SCPP-1185)
  • Reenabled missing call release notification when a call had been terminated even if setting release_sound was set to on. release_sound distinguishes now between on, off and off_when_terminating_calls. Replaced radio button with drop down on the web interface page. (SCPP-1006)
  • Deletion of single sub-numbers of multi-number directory record now possible. (SCPP-1192)
  • Don’t resend ring command if phone is already ringing even if there is more than one incomming call. (SCPP-972)
  • Indicate new voice-message via message-LED even during calls.
  • Digit input in idle state fixed. It’s possible to enter numbers or select an entry out of the add-menu with speeddial (snomMP). (SCPP-1216)
  • Pressing Record key in conference state terminates the recording line. (SCPP-1220)
  • Virtual key name lookup is working with full URIs. (SCPP-1094)
  • OCS states now available for fkeys (in virtual key-view and snom820 side screen) (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-1177)
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