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8.2.1 production release


8.2.1 Features

  • Enlarged adressbook with entries for first and family name, email, company, birthday, etc. (snom820 and snomMP). (SCPP-522)
  • Hebrew and Cyrillic character editing support.
  • Call can be started out of call lists with wireless headset as well now. (SCPP-351)
  • VQM reporting over SIP, according to draft-ietf-sipping-rtcp-summary using SIP PUBLISH.
  • Added new setting prioritise_pbx_number_lookup to ignore PBX transmitted user name for incoming calls in order to enable correct lookup in internal LDAP address book. (SCPP-131)
  • Added support for RTP listening on multiple multicast sockets.
  • Added new setting empty_tls_client_cert to use empty client certificate in TLS connections. For OCS the setting defaults to on, otherwise to off. (SCPP-597)

8.2.1 Bugfix

  • Fixed cursor-position when editing IP's. (SCPP-428)
  • XML-idle-screen name of tag for font-color changed to "Color" (from "Font") (snom820).
  • Handle fkeys on released and not on pressed (snom370, snom820 and snomMP). (SCPP-565)
  • Do not accept IP-address with leading zeros in a subnet. (SCPP-534)
  • Fixed edit mode changing during enter number for call forwarding entered with softkey in idle state. (SCPP-563)
  • Redirect softkey implemented in edit number state, if accepting incoming call and later canceling it this call will then go back to idle state. (SCPP-604)
  • (Re-)start autodial timer (if enabled) only after key events and not on entering LDAP search. (SCPP-584)
  • Offhook will switch audio from speaker to handset and is not dependent on phone state. (SCPP-567)
  • Refresh idle screen after removing URL for idle-xml. (SCPP-568)
  • Refresh date after changing it's format. (SCPP-541)
  • Displayname (if set) will be used instead of number in line info (snom820). (SCPP-547)
  • Fixed wrapping of continuous text in minibrowser. (SCPP-551)
  • Refresh GUI after onhook when the phone is the state 'call holding' to change audio icon. (SCPP-509)
  • Softkeys for adressbook unified. Default edit mode is alphanumeric. Search is case insensitive. Softkey for changing edit mode only for Hebrew/Cyrillic enabled. (SCPP-607)
  • Pressing keys out of range of setting menu selection will be first or last entry but submenu will not be entered. (SCPP-625)
  • Same behavior of clearing a list or delete an entry like version 7.3 does. (SCPP-617)
  • Transfer on onhook will only connect one incoming and one outgoing call. (SCPP-632)
  • On LDAP search split a matching line into several lines if a member has more than one phone number. (SCPP-538
  • LDAP lookup for incoming calls displays only exact matching number. (SCPP-559)
  • Fixed displaying utf8 search results (snom320). (SCPP-556)
  • URI parameters were being stripped from contact in processing of a 302.
  • Re-INVITE from MOH server causes MOH stream to be redirected to the holding party. (SCPP-653)
  • Removed sending of spurious 482 message.
  • Always use a non-secure RTP connection for MOH. (SCPP-471)
  • Changed help dkey from F_HELP to F_SUPPORT. (SCPP-494)
  • Key events "Conference" and "Recording" are not longer available for soft keys on function keys page. (SCPP-602)
  • Overload option disabled, wasn't working anyway, but confusing provisioning.
  • Initializing of extension keypad fixed. (SCPP-614)

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