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1. please make sure you are using PA1 Revision R3C or later (printed on the device label)

2. prepare the local network for rescue




Note, that this network is fixed for Rescue and cannot be changed.

3. place the snomPA1.bin file on the TFTP root

note, you can take any target image and rename it to snomPA1

4. shorten Pin0 and Pin1

The rescue mode should be started by simulating a button press. This can be done by by shortening Pin0+Pin1 on the PA1 Keyboard connector (KBD, Pin0 is left, Pin1 is second from left. )

After succesful Pin0+Pin1 will start the TFTP transfer without further user interaction necessary.

while the rescue is progrsseing the following LED control sequence can be observed.

  • Contacting TFTP-server and fetching the rescue file:

red LED - ON green LED - ON

  • Erasing the flash:

red LED - FLASHING (about 1Hz) green LED - FLASHING (about 1Hz)

  • Writing to flash:

red LED - FLASHING (faster than 1Hz) green LED - FLASHING (faster than 1Hz)

  • Rescue successful:

red LED - OFF green LED - ON (stays like that, no reboot)

  • Rescue failed (file corrupt or erasing/writing failed):

red LED - ON green LED - OFF

For further detailed information please read our "Recovery Update Description"
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