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UPDATE: IPv6 is now supported in all stable 8.7.5 releases, with some exceptions (snom300/320/360/370/710, PA1, Meetingpoint). For more information, please read the Release Notes for new firmware releases. Current release (Nov. 2015): FW v8.7.5.35 Release Notes and Download Links.

We are delighted to announce that snom is now close to releasing IPv6-capable firmware. A BETA version can be found below.

The firmware is available for snom8xx and 7xx phones. snom300/320/360/370, PA1 and Meetingpoint are not supported due to technical limitations.

An overview of how to set up IPv6 on your phone can be found here. Frequently asked questions are answered here.

If you want to know more about IPv6, snom has also created a white paper to introduce you to it. It can be found here.

If you discover a bug or require further support, please feel free to post in the special IPv6 area of the snom forum.

Please Note: This firmware is in BETA state and hence should only be used for testing IPv6 purposes only!

Check the Changelog for carefully!

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