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7.3.4 release

  • duration display for a connected call on (snom370) is hh:mm:ss
  • show IVR dtmf on display during connected state (snom370)
  • consistent behavior for incoming calls in menu states
  • new setting show ivr digits to control digit display while connected (snom360/ 370)
  • unicode characters are displayed properly in title line and soft key texts on (snom360)
  • added settings subscription delay, terminate subscribers on reboot and functionality (from v6.5)
  • show uboot version, uptime and memfree on system info page
  • support for $display local, $display remote, $expansion module, $active key in Action URLs (also within path)
  • print out uptime and memfree to the (sys)log once a day
  • show uboot version on OID as well
  • new OIDs and for memfree and uptime respectively
  • language files can be loaded via TFTP as well
  • modified RTCP so that it also sends SDES CNAME with the RTCP SR
  • missing password warning was shown on display even if setting ignore security warning was enabled (snom370), fixed
  • redirection * codes were not working
  • setting http scheme doesn't need restart to get applied
  • default value of setting http scheme was wrong, it's off now
  • on error code 500 (which may mean ethernet port isn't open, most probably due to a switch which blocks it temporarily) retry the request several times
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