Firmware/V7/Release Notes/7.3.17/Bugfix

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  • Fixed phone crash which occured after deleting one of the two call lists for missed or received calls (detailview). (SCPP-610)
  • Fixed wrapping of continuous text in minibrowser. (SCPP-551)
  • Added Estonian language support.
  • Refresh GUI after onhook in state holding to change audio icon. (SCPP-509)
  • Transfer on onhook will only connect one incoming and one outgoing call. (SCPP-632)
  • Always use a non-secure RTP connection for MOH. (SCPP-471)
  • URI parameters were being stripped from contact in processing of a 302.
  • Phone extracts now encapsulated options 66/67 out of option 43 as well. (RFC 2132)
  • Initialization of extension keypad fixed. (SCPP-614)
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