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7.3.13 beta

  • Added new action release to clear previously seized button line.
  • New setting user_additional_supported_header for "additional supported headers". (SCPP-413)
  • Handle header "Remote-Party-ID" for server type Cisco Call Manager (CCM). (SCPP-412)
  • No entry was added in the missed call history if call waiting was disabled. (SCPP-450)
  • If one was to start dialing a number the DTMF of the first key was heard albeit dtmf_speaker_phone is switched off. (SCPP-424)
  • Fixed timezone settings for Vladivostok and Tonga. (SCPP-420)
  • Reset edit mode to numeric in transfer state. (SCPP-419)
  • Set all monitored LEDs to on after transfer. (SCPP-391)
  • Fixed one way audio with G.726-32 and Payloadtype 2. (SCPP-446)
  • Don't process SUBSCRIBE packet if contact header is missing (could happen by an Asterisk bug). (SCPP-431)
  • Fixed rejection of anonymous calls. (SCPP-418)
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