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Change Log between 7.3.10a and 7.3.7 release

  • no new features
  • added timer driven settings refresh from server (new setting settings_refresh_timer)
  • enhanced Russian translation
  • do not show empty Calls screen for 3 seconds anymore
  • setting pickup_indication is available again for big display phones (snom360/snom370)
  • changed default redirect edit mode from alphabetic to numeric (SCPP-120)
  • a logging entry is created if an Action URL could not be accessed (SCPP-146)
  • split USA-10 timezone into 2 timzones to distinguish between hawaii and aleutian islands (new timezone is USA2-10 which has DST in contrast to USA-10 which has not)
  • added unused option to the drop down menu of the timezone setting at the advanced network WEB page (So you can set timezone to empty and read only and it's not showing a specific timezone but unused.)
  • new SIP server type Asterisk
  • compliance to RFC 3863 - Presence Information Data Format (PIDF)
  • set IP address of phone to for Nortel and Sylantro server type on hold_state
  • added client certificate presentation (webserver_cert also used as client certificate)
  • no new features
  • no new features
  • initial RTP-keep-alive packet was missing, is send out now except MetaSwitch is chosen as SIP server type (SCCP-XXX)
  • network for some phones was not working with 7.3 versions, fixed (SCCP-134)
  • fixed issue which causes the phone to hang on bootup (SCCP-14)
  • setting utc_offset wasn't used if it and dst was set without using timezone
  • hold on conference was not working (snom370) (SCPP-59)
  • BLF key wasn't working in off-hook state (SCPP-33)
  • incoming call was not rejected when the phone was in a conference and call waiting was turned off (snom370) (SCPP-150)
  • fixed first line in idle state regarding Hebrew character order for snom320
  • fixed idle screen regarding Hebrew character order in call forward hint (snom360/snom370)
  • fixed conference in speaker phone mode
  • setting subscription_delay is working now
  • multiple DHCP OFFERs from different DHCP servers were confusing the phone, now it sticks to the first OFFER
  • fixed conference in speaker phone mode
  • CCNR was broken (SCPP-XXX)
  • in some instances, the wrong line key was selected on incoming calls (SCPP-XXX)
  • do not invoke dial plan when generating URI for call-info subscription (SCPP-XXX)
  • WWW-Contact was no longer being generated (SCPP-XXX)
  • TFTP client was not resending ACK when a previously received data packet is received again (SCPP-XXX)
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