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7.1.8 beta

  • added tone schemes for France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Spain
  • MENU key is programmable (snom320)
  • consolidation of factory provided menus on Settings key (snom320)
  • support current identity Voicemail Boxdependent on stk_mailbox_active
  • presence state can be changed via REG menu
  • speed up display refresh (snom370)
  • optimized directory search listing
  • presence status can be changed via identity menu (snom300)
  • conference on snom300 without key mapping
  • logoff line resets detailed user settings
  • added support for NTLM
  • added support for new shorter XML settings format (this is not backward compatible to the previous XML format in order you want to downgrade to an older v7 version)
  • changes to admin mode needs no reboot anymore to get applied
  • manually loading settings file is deleting phone book as well
  • user changes to NTP server got lost, fixed
  • lid is using RR scheduling now
  • a multicast rtp (streaming) fix
  • fixed auto leave from call monitoring state if callpickup dialoginfo is on (snom360/snom370)
  • fixed flickering on ringing animation (snom360)
  • fixed paging/dual audio problem at startup
  • fixed number guessing with directory search (snom360/snom370)
  • improved call release notification (snom370)
  • fixed unhold in certain 3-way conference situations
  • permission wasn't set correctly
  • fixed loop on "file not found"
  • fixed "file not found" message for big displays
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