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7.1.37 beta

  • Added Generic Intercom Button feature. If programmable fkey is set to Intercom without a target number, user gets asked for the target before intercom call starts.
  • Wrong user image has been shown if a second call comes in (snom370). (SCPP-321)
  • LDAP lookup for incoming calls displayed wrong name when phone number contains same digits. (SCPP-70)
  • Removing an identity (that requires authentication) caused corrupt password prompt. (SCPP-283)
  • Fixed a couple of backlight issues (snom360, snom370). (SCPP-267)
  • Pickup worked via fkey but not via tick key or softkey (SCPP-306).
  • resolved sticky volume state (SCPP-262)
  • Fixed redirection via FKEY type BLF.
  • Holding reminder did not work. (see SCPP-319)
  • $remote parameter in action URL was indicating wrong number. (SCPP-349)
  • Fixed handling of deny-all for states ringing, connected and holding (SCPP-343).
  • Removed Identity settings when in user-mode. (SCPP-338)
  • Value dim for backlight on snom370 phone gui added. (SCPP-337)
  • Redial will use current identity if original id is unregistered except if current id is unregistered too.
  • Clear area of status line before repaint (snom360, snom370). (SCPP-388)
  • Play current user ringer during changing ringer volume. (SCPP-133)
  • Added type of answering for Intercom (new setting intercom_connect_type in contrast to auto_connect_type). You may select now the audio device you want incoming intercom calls to use. (SCPP-116)
  • Using Flexor Manager to select the outbound line to use, did not change the outgoing identity on the phone, if multiple identities were configured. (SCPP-365)
  • Call did not disconnect after on-hook when a minibrowser file is being displayed and an on_hook action url is set. (SCPP-8) *Three times and ongoing wrong http password will have the access restricted with one minute blocks only.
  • Added wiki help link to Fkeypage as well.
  • Fixed CSV-import for directory. (SCPP-384)
  • IP's are now parsed and corrected before saving, cause numbers like were causing problems (IPv4 only). (SCPP-325)
  • Fixed a bug in XML decoding. (SCPP-285)
  • STUN derived port number was not reflected in SDP (SCPP-108)
  • Display name decoding must be done if remote display name is encoded via setting encode_display_name. (SCPP-73)
  • Fixed missing of WWW-Contact on Registration if do_http_contact says so. (SCPP-74)
  • Refresh publish presence if time expires and publish the last state on bootup. (SCPP-256)
  • If the phone received a "422 Session Expires Too Small" error in response to the first INVITE with the Session-Timer, hangup on the subsequent INVITE resulted in the phone sending a BYE instead of a CANCEL. (SCPP-339)
  • Old To and From Tags were not cleared if subscription was restarted. (SCPP-360)
  • Initial rtp-keep-alive was missing, which resulted in skipping of first seconds of MOH; if user_server_type is set to metaswitch do not send it. (#2008082810000098)
  • Fixed encryption of DTMF payload.
  • Polish special characters are displayed properly on new backlight display and at least as normal chars on old display. (snom300)
  • Delayed trap handling to fix issue which caused the phone to hang on bootup.
  • Fixed X-key to cancel a minibrowser slideshow. (SCPP-266)
  • Parsing and converting "&#…;" codes properly now. (SCPP-395)
  • ASN.1 encoded length fixed. (SCPP-363)
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