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  • new setting offhook dial prompt controls if dial prompt is offered on Offhook (on by default)
  • duration display for a connected call on (snom370) is hh:mm:ss
  • show IVR dtmf on display during connected state (snom370)
  • consistent behavior for incoming calls in menu states
  • unicode characters are displayed properly in title line and soft key texts on (snom360)
  • programmable keys 6 and up were blinking at a lower frequency on incoming calls
  • block programmable keys while Broadsoft-style shared line is seized
  • added additional functionality for fkey type key event; F_TRANSFER:700 would transfer the connected call to destination i.e. 700 (not the incoming call)
  • added setting show diversion to control display of Diversion header info
  • added settings subscription delay, terminate subscribers on reboot and functionality (taken from v6.5)
  • added replaces for alerting call
  • suppress individual dialog subscriptions when eventlist when eventlist is on (Broadsoft)
  • write the DHCP hostname only if there is enough space
  • help link of user q corrected
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