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  • make park/pickup key available as soon as possible after operation (the park key was blocked for 3-5 seconds before. Now it is released and ready for any further pickup operation as soon as a successful parking is done)
  • on check-sync phone isn't hanging anymore in wizard state (the phone seemed to hang after a check-sync even though some keys were still working)
  • apply configuration parameters on check-sync (provisioned configuration parameters triggered by a check-sync were not properly

applied before)

  • check-sync is delayed until all channels are released (instead of making a reboot as soon as check-sync is processed, the phone will now wait until all active channels/calls are released and a harmless reboot can be made)
  • tuned list element allocation to save memory (list elements were allocated in chunks of 16 before, now it has been tuned for each single list element type respectively which reduces the size of initially allocated memory remarkably)
  • fixed adding new languages on check-sync (reading in a language list triggered by check-sync has caused a memory leak)
  • improved call control in registrations menu (incoming calls and media even in Reg menu is handled properly now)
  • append diversion/history-info for incoming call when animation is disabled (snom360) (this additional information was missing on display before)
  • fixed problem with remote unhold when local side is also holding (the phone was in an indeterministic state when the remote side made an unhold, now it should go to hold because of near side hold before)
  • adjust input when lead digits are appended in rewrite matches for XML Dial Plan (length of final match was being shortened after appending the lead digits before)
  • fixed speed dial 30 (prevent the phone to identify a dialed 030 as the speed dial 30)
  • fixed speed dial 9 (prevent the phone to identify a dialed 09 as the speed dial 9)
  • About menu is accessible during log-on wizard (to allow easy access to basic telephone information e.g. IP, Mac adr)
  • fixed password stutter (snom300/snom320) (editing a password was cutting the last typed digit/character)
  • added 128k memory bin for efficient memory allocation (this memory bin size was missing before so the next bigger bin was used instead which caused unnessesary memory allocation)
  • ringing calls were not shown in hold state (snom320/snom370) (since phone allows incoming calls in hold state, this information should be there for the user to decide to pickup or ignore the new call)
  • normalized placement of context- sensitive function keys across the various call states (to have an internally consistent presentation of context- sensitive function keys so the user does not press a soft key by mistake)
  • each dialed number replaces the same entry in the list instead of creating a new one (not only the last dialed record is updated but the complete dialed list is scanned and the previous entry for the same number is updated and put on top)
  • resubscribe for buddy list without search filter after directory search (in order to refresh the original buddy list if search responses were delayed for some reason. The complete buddy list becomes available again after directory search through presence is over)
  • [[Settings/action_connected_url|Action URL connected]] is requested at right state transition without effecting blind xfer (to keep the phone from posting an unintentional Action URL for connected)
  • clear allocated lines on failed pickup attempts (so the phone does not run out of keys and associated LED’s do not stay on)
  • changed Deny All soft key caption to Block (on text display of context- sensitive function keys on (snom360), both ‘Deny’ & ‘Deny All’ appeared as ‘Deny’ because of a lack of space on display. This caused confusion)
  • fixed scroll down on call monitoring state (scrolling down with navi key was not updating the list properly)
  • speed key on About menu was corrupting display
  • CANCEL key would clear desktop message completely (on small display phones, messages created via SIP MESSAGE with header Content-Type: text/plain were not properly cleared on pressing cancel)
  • dtmf after Action URL response was blocking audio
  • soft key cancel in calling state was not working
  • reboot the phone if configuration parameters got provisioned which need a reboot to get applied (like e.g. vlan, dhcp etc.)
  • Park was not working with Broadsoft-style shared lines
  • Minibrowser style received/missed call lists entry deletion was crashing the phone
  • fixed dtmf playback with CMC and Minibrowser (media path was being blocked before disabling dtmf)
  • set transport protocol to RTP/SAVP when SRTP is on (this is required by RFC 4568, but for backward compatibility this behavior is turned off by default; controlled by new configuration parameter user savp)
  • fixed wrong port number in contact/via header when transport is tcp/tls (the phone was sending the wrong port number in these headers when the transport protocol was TCP or TLS)
  • remote tag omitted when privacy is enabled (the tag provided by the remote side was omitted when privacy was turned on; this caused calls to fail)
  • fixed encoding of display name for special/reserved characters controlled by new configuration parameter encode_display_name (according to the RFC those characters have to be HTML encoded)
  • fixed timezone selection for China
  • phone switches to/from DST in time now (phone was switching to/from DST at the right date but not at the right time)
  • handsfree double talk improvement (we have enhanced double talk so that a person talking on the handsfree mic does not cut out the other side and is still heard by the other side without producing echo (option echoic). The old speaker phone behaviour is still available by using the room type quiet room, instead of echoic room)
  • fixed RTCP jitter buffer calculation (fixed problem in the calculation of jitter buffer stat only at the beginning of a call)
  • fixed an RTCP problem with packet loss field (fixed problem with packet loss field in the very first RTCP packet sent out by the phone in certain scenarios only, it was showing some packets lost when none had)
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