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7.1.32 (not published)

  • support special characters on Idle Screen (ÀÁÂÃÄÅÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÒÓÔÕÙÚÛÜ) (snom360)
  • support active user and active host in Action URLs (in order to send relevant information during a call)
  • space separated concatenated status line messages (snom360/snom370) (for better readability)
  • added support for BroadWorks flash-based services (applicable to Broadworks server only)
  • Action URL request response does not disturb user operations anymore (display update after the response is received was disturbing the active calls)
  • added support for new tags <fetch>, <Label>, <br> and clearlight attribute for the <SnomIPPhoneDirectory> tag
  • added timezones for Venezuela and New Caledonia
  • language file retrieved via Mass Deployment replaces old one on flash (the provisioned language file is now stored on the local flash)
  • fixed Idle Screen date and headset device overlap (snom360) (some adjustment on placement of headset icon)
  • fixed potential issue for navigating in menu during language changes (was using the wrong language in that case)
  • fixed audio device switching off by MWI indication during a call (timer driven MWI indication was silencing media for active call)
  • fixed invalid soft key on F4 without CMC (snom360/snom370)
  • improved backlight operation in settings menu for incoming calls (backlight now shows ringing status of the new call)
  • Call Pickup dialog info was not working (snom300/snom320) (Call Pickup through display was not working on phones with small display)
  • ext.Keypad: removed bug that caused false reporting of 0 keypads
  • fixed ringing call acceptance using fkeys in address book (no need to go out of the phonebook just to accept a call)
  • fixed incoming call under Reg menu (call acceptance in this menu state was indeterministic)
  • make Dial the first option on main list menu (snom300) (no need anymore to browse through the available options to find the most often used function)
  • phone can handle now missing texts in language files (phone isn't crashing anymore on missing language texts)
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