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7.1.28 beta

  • display list of matches in response to PUBLISH (number-guessing)
  • changed default value for casing mic to 5
  • remove proprietary setting files from setting urls list if a snom file was found before
  • exact match in digitmap and timeout > 0 now handled properly
  • improved transfer handling
  • directory search requests sent only when alphanumeric character input is definite
  • handle key events mapped on fkeys in edit state (e.g. F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH on s300)
  • if there is no alert info for new call, then clean up old links
  • call forward busy wasn't working
  • fixed wireless headset signaling on GN9350 (outgoing calls)
  • fixed recording icon on incoming call
  • no duplication of Voicemail or SMS indication (s320)
  • improved random number generation
  • bytes greater than 127 were not properly converted by the XML settings export
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