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7.1.27 beta

  • hard keys for DIRECTORY_SEARCH & PRESENCE work in edit mode
  • new Voicemail icon for active line (s360)
  • added Voicemail indication on status line (s300)
  • text message view through MWI state possible now (s300)
  • Voicemail soft key moved to S4 (s320)
  • Mute switch between S2 & S3 (always on S2, the positioning adjusts according to space: s320)
  • delay automated calls (redial, etc.) until line seize response is received (Broadsoft)
  • reboot once after setting conversion at traversal from v6 to v7 anyway
  • added personal message recording while offhook
  • change volume not allowed during free seating
  • remove dangling held call on cancel (server caused call drop)
  • special call acceptance through fkeys for active context (connected to nothing)
  • handle missing ack or cancel forwarded by server during hold
  • handle longer rewrite than match in Dial Plan
  • added on/off option for keepalive NAT
  • switch DHCP off during traversal from v6 to v7
  • new setting rtp keepalive to switch off RTP keepalive on hold calls
  • presence activities are mapped to activity ids before publishing
  • improved personal message recording through idle state
  • fixed joined name scrolling problem (s320)
  • fixed dtmf echo in settings menu when no channel is allocated
  • fixed change volume while dialing
  • fixed certain invalid exact length Dial Plan matches
  • fixed a conference problem
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