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7.1.10 beta

  • ask for PIN while locking keyboard
  • added Call Pickup via access code on programmable function keys e.g.|*68
  • enable GRUU for subscriptions
  • changed default presence states
  • new setting "reject calls with 603" to reject calls with 603 instead of 486
  • new setting enable keyboard lock to allow keyboard lock feature
  • ethernet ports speed settings are working now on change
  • syslog server setting is working now on change
  • special character handling in directory fixed
  • image header for bootloader updates changed (snom300/snom320/snom360); new images are needed now for downgrading to v6
  • fixed recording indication on snom370
  • fixed stats co-ordinates for snom370 (after refresh acceleration)
  • dialog event list subscriptions (BLF) were not being started
  • STUN was broken
  • keep processing challenges after unknown authentication scheme is encountered
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