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With release 5 we are changing the format of the following images: -b (bootloader), -r (rootfs formerly named ramdisk) and -j (application).

That is because we do not want the phone user accidently downgrading to an "older" version. And this is because we replaced the linux rootfs, which was a ramdisk before, with a jffs2 filesystem, which is saving 2 MB of RAM. If you were allowed to downgrade as usual, the phone would not bootup anymore, because of incompatibilities of bootloader and rootfs.

In other words, we made sure that you cannot destroy your snom phone with these updates by using the wrong order!

A full process of updating to release 5 needs the following:

  1. snom3X0-5.X-SIP-j.bin: Application part of release 5 which introduces the new image formats, everything except the ethernet switch properties control is working. Downgrading manually via TFTP is still possible.
  2. snom3X0-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin: New bootloader and rootfs with new image format each, which can be updated by application part release 5 or above only. This saves 2MB of RAM and brings a TFTP update application which is able to update application images with version 5 or above only. Nevertheless it will be possible to downgrade your phone, but this is a more complex procedure, see here. It is highly recommended to not use PoE (power over ethernet) for this specific update session!
  3. snom3X0-3.25-l.bin: This linux is needed to make the ethernet switch properties control work.

So 1) and 3) without 2) will give you full functionality and the option of a usual manual downgrade via TFTP. 1) and 3) can be loaded in arbitrary order. 2) can loaded after 1) only.

We are suggesting this order: 1), 2), 3). All three updates can be made consecutively via the Firmware field of the Update web interface page, see update via web interface.

The phone is making sure, that you cannot destroy your phone by using a wrong order of those updates. If the order is wrong it will show Wrong Image at the display!

How to downgrade via manual TFTP is described here.

Meaning of a/b application firmware versions Both a/b files include the same firmware version! (Item 1 above: where "X" is the minor verision number followed by either an "a" or a "b". For example: "snom3X0-5.2a-SIP-j.bin" would be the "a" version of firmware 5.2 )

"a" must be used once in order to update from version 3 or 4 to version 5. Most retail phones as of March 20th, 2006 ship with version 4.X pre-installed.

"b" must be used for updating if there is already version 5 on the phone.

Once you are on version 5.x, use b versions for updating only. Functionality wise a and b versions are 100% identical.

(Naming with a and b in snom3X0-5.0a-SIP-j.bin and snom3X0-5.0b-SIP-j.bin)

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