Firmware/V5/Downgrade Description

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  1. If the System Information web interface page of the phone shows something like Rootfs-Version: snom3x0 ramdisk v3.31 the used root file system is ramdisk based and the next part 2) can be skipped.
  2. If snom3X0-ramdiskToJffs2-br.bin is already installed, which is shown like Rootfs-Version: snom3x0 jffs2 v3.35/v3.36 at the System Information web interface page of the phone, you have to revert this with updating to snom3X0-Jffs2ToRamdisk-br.bin. This is possible via HTTP only! It is highly recommended to not use PoE (power over ethernet) for this specific update session! After the update, please check if the update was successfull, see 1.
  3. Now an update to any application firmware version snom3X0-YYYa-SIP-j.bin or below v5 can be manually performed via TFTP Update (YYYa means a version below release 5).
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