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4.5 release

  • hook switch debounced
  • handle challenge request during state_enum properly
  • logon_wizard is not hanging anymore if using mass deployment setup
  • graceful exit when held call is closed remotely on Xfer
  • reject with 480 Do Not Disturb on DND
  • fixed ringing stutter caused by register responses
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4.4 release

  • phone specific settings file wasn't read in anymore, fixed
  • reduced default mic volumes for handset and speakerphone
  • unregister while logging off an account
  • fixed find fkey for multiple lines
  • no hardwired default value for session timer
  • DHCP
  • set siaddr field to 0 instead of ffffffff
  • added support for sname and field options
  • added programmable key event
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4.3 release

  • fixed reply for MESSAGE within a dialog
  • retrieve license file anytime unless phone is licensed allready
  • fixed
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4.2 beta

  • parallel challenge requests can now handled properly
  • small fix of french translation
  • added translation of mic volume texts
  • fixed timezone naming for USA-Hawaii, -Alaska, -Pacific
  • STUN and CRLF keepalives in parallel
  • fixed do not append domainname to authusername
  • fixed extension keyboard led control problem
  • config files can be loaded via TFTP also
  • compatible to TFTP config files
  • new settings flag '$', overwrites everything on each reboot, but settings stay writable

4.1 release

  • fixed CANCEL on confirm screen
  • fixed wrong status messages for hold during conference
  • partial number lookup is now setting dependent
  • added microphone volume control
  • added timezone for thailand
  • STUN results were not used in SDP
  • fixed potential endless loop in dialplan
  • added callerid support
  • fixed reboot=false in check-sync prevents reboot
  • introduced mic volume controls for all mics
  • fixed mass provisioning of license_url
  • TLS
  • server_hello with zero length session ID wasn't working
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4.0 release

  • fixed initial list positioning to the top of the list for tone scheme and timezone
  • fixed not needed showing of copyright screen
  • enhancements of french translation
  • show cursor on number guessing also
  • added audio device indication for all critical states
  • only 10 character pickup number hint is displayed
  • disabled partial number lookup from address book
  • holding reminder is now setting dependent (#789)
  • local keytone generation e.g. menu keys
  • fixed repeated park/pickup freeze
  • volume up/down keys in idle state play static ring melody
  • fixed input mode problem while editing address book entries
  • confirmation screen for adress book item deletion
  • added support for Xfer on incoming calls (ringing/cwi)
  • fixed call duration display shift
  • added desktop message support
  • screen showed still connected after transfer was rejected
  • fixed asking for password on a challenge request
  • fixed cwi on talking to attended transfer with programmable keys
  • clear failed, closed channels on incoming call
  • fixed remote call close on multiple held calls
  • dialing last entry from redial list works again
  • enhancements of french translation
  • added setting to control audio device indication on display
  • added icons for clearing the call lists
  • added "add entry from call list to address book" buttons
  • got rid of the remaining parameters in the browser URL line
  • added outgoing id to address book item and call lists
  • added reregister button for SIP lines
  • show local identity in call lists
  • recording missed calls is line dependant
  • added confirmation page for reboot, reset, delete address book
  • added line ringer playback from web interface
  • ethernet unplug detection is controlled by a setting
  • line active/inactive feature added
  • phone numbers with leading + can be handled properly via web page
  • added support for "," as separator for the AOC cost pulse
  • trusted certificate page not anymore visible in user mode
  • added silence suppression (CNG/VAD)
  • added local keytone generation
  • added/enhanced sidetone
  • added license check
  • fixed voice lag problem
  • fix to correctly play incoming packets of various ptime on dif. codecs
  • led's synchronized
  • fixed a DTMF problem
  • fixed multiple authentication of INVITEs
  • fixed subscription deletion which leads to freezing on sw update
  • re-activated silence compression setting
  • support 12 local line registrations
  • fixed outgoing requests without a port in the Contact, especially in REGISTER
  • fixed missing IP address in SDP (o and c line)
  • keepalive is now independent from the STUN server
  • Expires header in Subscriptions and replies was not evaluated
  • added CRLF keepalive instead of sending STUN requests
  • fixed problem where connections have been removed to early
  • fixed re-newing of subscriptions duplicated the number of dialog states
  • fixed STUN wasn't working any more after re-registration
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