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 <state value="initial"/>
 <variable name="subscr_uri" value="sip:424711@com.snom"/>
 <array name="label" separator=" " value="BLF 424711" translate="false"/>

The initialization tree is used to setup variables and the initial state of an xml-entity uppon loading of the xml-configuration. These are the available subtrees:

  • state will set the initial state to the content of it's value-attribute
  • variable will create a dynamic variable by the given name (via name attribute) set to the value provided (via value attribute). The translate attribute defaults to 'false', so is not really necessary in the given example. If translate (since is set to 'true' the content of value is used as a key into the text file.
  • array exists since 8.7.4 and creates a dynamic array whose initial values are those from the value-attribute splitted at the provided separator (must be a single character)
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