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<general type="BusyLampField" identity="1"
  <replaces id="OldBlfId" type="OldBlfType"/>

The <general> tag is used to define the basic setup of an xml entity. These are the attributes:

  • type the type is used sometimes shown in the PUI, e.g. inside the virtual-key-screen of snom 8xx series. The type is also useful in assign-actions to define which xml-entities to access.
  • translation_key (since assigns a translation for the WUI and PUI to the type. The specified key must exist in both text files.
  • identity links the xml-entity to a certain identity of the phone. E.g. to tie it to the first identity, set this to 1. The association is currently only used when xml sets up a subscription.

The <replaces> tag (since is optional and is used in replacement plans to indicate the the ID and/or the type have been renamed. When the phone is provisioned with settings using the old replacement plan names these settings will be converted to the new names. There can be multiple <replaces> tags if the plan was renamed multiple times thus conserving the naming history.

  • id identifies the the replacment plan ID that was renamed
  • type identifies an XML definition that has been replaced by what is defined in the replacement plan
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