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ASCII text based setting files are container for a subset of configuration parameters.

Limitations in firmware version 7 & 8


<parameter(1) name><flag>:<value>
<parameter(n) name><flag>:<value>


  • lines may end with newline or carriage return/newline pairs
  • Comments start with "#" or "<"
  • The "<" and ">" characters allow easy integration of HTML tags
  • Names may consist of the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _.


Parameter names can be followed by one specific character called flag:

  • A parameter followed by ! can be changed by the user. However the parameter value will only be stored if that parameter has not been configured yet. Only parameters followed by $ can be overwritten, DO NOT use ! in that case.
  • A parameter followed by & (or no flag) becomes write-protected (read only)
  • A parameter followed by $ can be changed but will be overwritten on reboot. $ will appear on the Settings page as ! (available from firmware version 4.2 onwards)


  1. One "general setting file" per phone type, i.e. snom300, snom320, etc., containing general configuration parameters
  2. One "specific setting file" per phone, i.e. (MAC address based), contain phone specific configuration parameters
  3. One "firmware setting file" per phone type OR phone containing firmware related configuration parameters in order to perform automated firmware updates

General Setting File

  • General (phone type specific) setting files are requested from the setting server at first
  • example naming scheme: http://provisioning.mycompany.com/snom320.htm
    • in this case the general setting file was placed in the HTTP server root and will be requested automatically by any snom320 --> necessary in mixed phone type environments

# example snom general setting file

# After each setting (before the colon) you can set a flag
# General language and time configuration parameter
language$: English
web_language$: English
timezone$: USA-5
date_us_format&: on
time_24_format&: off


Specific Setting File

"-MAC address" (dash+phone's MAC address)

to the general setting filename:

  • http://provisioning.mycompany.com/snom320.htm) --> http://provisioning.mycompany.com/snom320/snom320-000413241111.htm

# example snom specific setting file

# After each setting (before the colon) you can set a flag

user_pname1$: AUTHUSER1
user_pass1$: AUTHPASSWORD1
user_name1$: LINEPORT1
user_realname1$: User1
user_host1$: proxy.net
user_srtp1$: off
user_dp_str1$: !([^#]%2b)#!sip:\1@\d!d

user_pname2$: AUTHUSER2
user_pass2$: AUTHPASSWORD2
user_name2$: LINEPORT2
user_realname2$: User2
user_host2$: proxy.net
user_srtp2$: off
user_dp_str2$: !([^#]%2b)#!sip:\1@\d!d

# You may add up to 4 (snom300/ 12 (snom320,snom360,snom370) accounts

# set 1st account to active outgoing identity
active_line$: 1

# the following parameters are only required to provide automated firmware updates
# IMPORTANT: define the URL of the --> firmware setting file
firmware_status: http://provisioning.mycompany.com/snom3xx/firmware.htm
# additionally the --> update policy may be defined
update_policy: auto_update
# additionally the --> firmware update interval may be defined
firmware_interval: 2880


Firmware Setting File

  • The firmware setting file is requested if the firmware_status URL has been defined either in the general or --> specific setting file
  • example name: http://provisioning.mycompany.com/snom3xx/firmware.htm

# example snom firmware setting file

# Firmware setting specifies the URL of the firmware/root fs/linux image file
firmware: http://provisioning.mycompany.com/firmware/snom3xx/snom3xx-X.X.bin

# Bootloader setting MUST NOT be used from Version 5.0 onwards  
# bootloader:

  • The firmware compares the URL (string) obtained from the firmware parameter with the last firmware image URL successfully loaded by the phone --> if both strings are different the provided firmware image URL is requested from the setting server otherwise no firmware will be loaded.
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