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This page describes how to set up mass deployment/auto provisioning for remote configuration and maintenance of snom phones. This setup requires:

  1. One active DHCP Server capable to send the setting (provisioning) URL as DHCP option 66/67
  2. at least one Provisioning Server running on HTTP(S) or TFTP capable to provide the requested individual or script based setting files
  3. unlimited number and different types of snom phones running the latest available firmware version of the chosen major release level --> Version 6/ Version 7.

Getting Started

  1. Step: Install the DHCP Server, e.g. on Linux or Windows Servers, etc.
  2. Step: Configure the DHCP Options considering
  3. Step: Prepare the snom phones


Process Description

  1. Step: snom phone (out-of-the-box or factory resetted) boots up and the firmware checks if dhcp is enabled
  2. Step: if enabled the snom phone sends a DHCP discover which will be replied by the DHCP Server (DHCP offer containing option 66/67)
  3. Step: The values configured in option 66/67 are retrieved and will be stored temporarily in update_server (option 66) or update_filename (option 67) respectively. Both values form the setting URL.
  4. Step: The phone starts requesting setting file(s) from the resulting setting URL.
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