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M700 Specification

  1. Connector: Ethernet Power over Ethernet: IEEE 802.3: Power class 2 (3.84 – 6.49W)
  2. Ethernet standard: Standard : 10BASE-T(IEEE 802.3 100Mbps)

SIP-RFC: RFC2327 RFC2396 RFC2833 RFC2976 RFC3261 RFC3262 RFC3263 RFC3264 RFC3265 RFC3326 RFC3311 RFC3325 RFC3326 RFC3489 RFC3515 RFC3550 RFC3581 RFC3842 RFC3891 RFC3892 RFC3960 RFC4475

System capacity

Min number of Bases Single Cell Setup: 1

Maximum 253 slave bases can be registered to the master

Single/Multi Cell Setup: Max number of Repeaters: 3 per Base station

Multi-cell Setup: Total Max number of Repeaters: 100

Max number of Users (SIP registrations) per Base: 30

Max number of Users per VoIP System limited to: 1000

Single Cell Setup: Max number Simultaneous Call:s 10 per Base station

Multi-cell Setup: Max number of Calls: 8 per Base station

Total Max number Simultaneous Calls (Multi-cell Setup): Limited to 200

Repeater M5: Max number of Calls (Narrow band): 5

Repeater M5: Max number of Calls (G722): 2

Maximum number of RTP is 18 on one base

Maximum 30 handsets can be registered to one base

Maximum 24 slaves in a chain

Maximum 8 simultaneous handovers

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