FAQ/Why does the snom m3 handset loose its connection to the gateway

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Some handsets have a faulty RFPI number which may cause the handset to lose the connection to the base station when more than one handset is registered there. If you are experiencing loss of connection and you are not out of range of the base station, please check the table to see whether the RFPI number (serial number) of your handset is listed there. If it is, please update to the newest firmware version 2.11 and reset the base station. To initiate reset, press reset button at the back of the station for 10 seconds.

Numbers from to
CHNIT25010800001 CHNIT25010800200
CHNIT21020800563 CHNIT21020802136
CHNIT21020802137 CHNIT21020802878
CHNIT21020802885 CHNIT21020802887
CHNIT21020800001 CHNIT21020800562
CHNIT04030800001 CHNIT04030800250
CHNIT05030800001 CHNIT05030800500
CHNIT06030800001 CHNIT06030800250

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