FAQ/Why does my snom display "SIP disabled"

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There are several reasons possible:

  1. Concerns only snom360: The license file was not delivered with FW Versions < 4. You will need to request a valid license file from us. Please proceed to this FAQ article.
  2. Your phone has one of the following MAC addresses which are not supported by former firmware versions:
    • snom300:
      • 00041328XXXX
      • 0004132DXXXX
      • 0004132FXXXX
      • 00041334XXXX
    • snom320:
      • 00041327XXXX
      • 0004132CXXXX
      • 00041331XXXX
      • 00041335XXXX
    • snom360:
      • 00041329XXXX
      • 0004132BXXXX
    • Workaround: Please use one of the following firmware versions instead:
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