FAQ/Where can I find the MAC address an what are the hardware characteristics of the different ranges

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Available MAC Address Ranges

The MAC address is stored in the setting mac. You will also find a description of all snom MAC address ranges there.

Where to find the MAC address

  • snom3x0 and snom8xx: Look on the bottom of the phone and it is under the bar code.

  • snom m3: Look at the underside of the gateway and it is under the bar code on the left side.

Hardware characteristics according to MAC address range:

MAC address range:

Snom300: "000413 25 xxxx" no POE, no display light
Snom300: "000413 28 xxxx" POE, display light
Snom300: "000413 3D xxxx" POE, display light

Snom320: "000413 24 0040 – 000413 27 280B" Phones with Rubber keyboard
Snom320: "000413 27 282C" Face lift: Plastic keyboard and new POE circuitry
Snom320: "000413 2C B937" Display with light

Snom320: "000413 31 xxxx" Display with light

Snom360: "000413 23 xxxx" Phones with Rubber keyboard
Snom360: "000413 29 xxxx" Face lift: Plastic keyboard and new POE circuitry

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