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The lock symbol has two meanings:

  1. Showing the Keypad Lock status (Version 6 / 7):
    • Locked Symbol (press "*" key approximately 3 sec to lock the keypad)
    • Unlocked Symbol (press "*" key approximately 3 sec to unlock the keypad, if a password was set to protect the keypad lock, you have to enter it here)
  2. Showing the Call Security status:
    1. Locked Symbol
      • Version 6: SRTP is activated, i.e. the audio stream is encrypted and secure
      • Version 7/8: SIPS (SIP over TLS) and SRTP are activated, i.e. the SIP connection and the audio stream are encrypted and secure
    2. Unlocked Symbol
      • Version 6: no SRTP is used, whether SIPS is used or not will not be displayed at all
      • Version 7/8: no SRTP or no SIPS or no security at all
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