FAQ/My snom3x0 stops being registered and a 'Transport Error: Pending packet XXXXXX: generating fake' is shown in the log

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The "fake" error is because every transaction in SIP needs to be terminated with a response. The response is needed to release the memory associated with the packet. The fake is generated when the destination obviously will not generate a response, e.g. when it responds with an ICMP error, or the address could not be resolved (DNS trouble). A timeout is also a reason to generate a "fake" message.


It primarily sounds like a DNS related problem. The DNS cache keeps such failed responses in memory for some time and the impression is that the phone hangs completely. Try using IP addresses instead of DNS names or local DNS server that does not depend on the Internet connection.

Customer reported the problem could be solved by changing the router model:

from Linksys to Netgear WGT624
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