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The m9 gets it's IPv6 address automatically, there is no way/need to manually set it up. If you have a DHCPv6 server in the network, then it will grab an address from there and also the DNS server.

Otherwise, it will just use the link local address (which looks like:


where the last six digits come from the last six digits of the MAC address, in this case the MAC is "00041330010e", "000413" is "snom" and the "30010e" the device number within snom). You can try this out by pointing the browser of your choice to the address


If you don't have DHCPv6, the phone will use the DNS server ff02:103 (see RFC 4795). The other things, like the default gateway, should be announced with the Router Advertisement in the network.

Make sure you have the right kernel, check (in the web interface on the page 'Diagnostics') in /proc/version contains "hd@x300". On this page, you can also check the various other entries for IPv6, e.g. /proc/net/if_inet6, /proc/net/ipv6_route, /proc/net/udp6, /proc/net/tcp6. There you can also see which IPv6 addresses the devices got (if_inet6).

As outbound proxy, you can then use something like


Or leave the outbound proxy resolution to the DNS server, the m9 supports AAAA entries.

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