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Warum ist ein Zurücksetzen auf Werkseinstellung nach Aufladen einer snom-ocs-firmware dringend empfohlen?

Antwort (Englisch)

In the OCS edition we have different default settings for the FW. As snom phones keep settings on the FW update, the snom standard FW settings are stored during the update to the “snom OCS edition”.

By performing a factory default, the “snom OCS edition” default settings get applied. Of course it’s also possible to do this manually (but that’s “more” work and mistakes could happen).

On a large scale installation the phone fetches a XML/textfile from the server. This mechanism can be used to set all the OCS specific settings on the phone without the need of a factory reset.

We hope this explains why a factory reset is necessary and that it won’t be necessary on a productive rollout.

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