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  • Detailed description of the issue
    • What exactly happened? Please avoid just saying "it doesn't work", we need to know in which way exactly it doesn't work.
    • What did you expect to happen (expected behavior)?
    • What actions were taken prior to the incident (which keys had been pressed, were any calls active, etc.)
    • How often have you encountered the issue?
    • Are several phones affected?
    • Is the issue only happening on certain types of phones? (for example the issue occurs for snom 720 phones but not for snom 370 phones)
  • Is the issue reproducible?
    • If yes, provide the exact steps of the scenario (A calls B, B answers by lifting the handset, etc.)
  • Is the phone running on PoE or power supply?
  • Does a reboot fix the problem temporarily?
  • Provide complete phone settings ( Web interface -> Status -> Settings -> Save in XML format). In case the issue only occurs on certain phones, please provide also the phone settings of a phone on which the issue does not occur so we can compare them.
  • Provide a log file. If the issue is not easily reproducible you should configure a syslog server (http://wiki.snom.com/Category:HowTo:System_Log).
    • Once the problem occurs, copy the output of the syslog and attach it to the ticket along with the time the issue has been reported.
    • If several phones are configured to use the same syslog server, provide the MAC address / IP address of the phone in question.
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