FAQ/How do I update the snom m9 Handset?

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The snom m9 firmware (FW) contains base station and handset FW as a bundle.


  • Press “Settings”, and select “Handset”
  • Select “FW Update” option and press OK
  • Handset displays “On Charger”
  • Place Handset on charger
    • If a new handset firmware is available, the upload progress is indicated on handset
  • Handset FW Update takes approx. 5 minutes
  • Please ensure to perform a "Handset Reset" from the "Handset" menu every time the handset FW is updated to a new version

Note: Up to 4 handsets can be updated in parallel.

Note: Handsets can also be upgrade via the USB port located under the battery cover. Details on Handset FW upgrade with USB can be found here.

The snom m9 Online Manual contains more information on updating firmware.

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