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IMPORTANT: A reset to factory values will delete ALL

  • Stored settings
  • Active SIP Registrations
  • Address Book contacts
  • Registered DECT Handsets (except method 4 - existing DECT registrations will not be removed)

  1. On the Web User Interface page "Maintenance" you find the reset setting button which will bring the phone back to it's factory default values. see also our Online Documentation
  2. If the Web User Interface cannot be reached the base can be resetted using the Handset by navigating to Settings/Handset/Reset base
  3. It may happen that the user forgets the DECT PIN as well as the Web portal password of the snom m9, rendering the device inaccessible. Starting from FW Release 9.2.42 the base station can be reverted back to factory default by dialing the recovery code **0000** from any registered handset.
  4. Starting from FW Release 9.3.9 the base station can be reset to factory defaults using the reset button on the backside by performing the following steps:
    1. Unplug the power.
    2. Press the reset key on the backside of the base station.
    3. While holding it down, plug the power.
    4. Wait until the "registered" LED starts blinking (5 times per second).
    5. Release the reset key.
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